How it feels to finally have your sh*t together.

Good read.

Yas Girl Preach!

So I’m in college. This is my fourth and final year.

Thanks be to God.

My freshman year, I was a mental and emotional wreck. I was constantly in a state of distress, which caused a lot of trouble for others, even those who stuck with me through it. I attempted suicide and self-harmed several times. I was basically kicked out of my residence hall. I went back to my hometown for the summer and didn’t do much.

When I came back for my sophomore year, I was living alone in a studio apartment. I had a painfully pathetic crush on my neighbor. But other than that, I began to live a very solitary life. My inner extrovert had not yet appeared. I was still struggling with my mental health, and was hospitalized once again. However, that was the one that broke the truth to me- I needed to kick…

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