About Me

Crafting has always been part of my daily routine.

Creative solutions, unique twists…they’ve always been the way I viewed life. But, it became…unpractical with the lifestyle I lived. Living with depression, my lack of motivation made painting too messy, bracelet making too tedious, and drawing a hassle.

But alas, this is when I found crochet hooks and yarn.

Through various YouTube videos and tutorials, I’ve stayed up day and night, learning new patterns and discovering new tactics.

Stumbling upon yarn and crochet hooks changed the game.

Easier to bring around and more convenient to accommodate my lifestyle, yarn became a new canvas for me to express myself. From scarves to hats, headbands and blankets, this art has become an integral part of my day and a hefty dent in my wallet.

Making a newfound passion into a business, I began to integrate my creations into my Etsy Shop, which had been open since 2015, fairly inactive, going by the name “the Partisan Artisan”. Now, re-branded and fairly active, SkeinWreck is an Etsy shop that will cater to your individual and unique personality. The blog will serve as a primary communication center with various patterns, tutorials, and posts relevant to the shop, and all crocheters out there!

Stay tuned for more updates, deals, and fun crafts.

Thank you for stopping by!

“We know what we are but know not what we may be.” -William Shakespeare

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