PATTERN: Shells Coaster


Level: Experienced Beginner

2017-06-23 18.10.59

This pattern will be for the shells coaster (pictured right). It’s quite simple to make, easy to clean, and fun to have around. The pattern can be altered to use it as a washcloth or scrubbing agent. This pattern takes no more than 30 minutes, it’s a perfect beachy touch to hold your cold, icy glasses this summer!




2017-06-23 18.16.09

  • Peaches n Creme Cotton yarn in the color Happy Go Lucky (any cotton yarn will do, as long as it is worsted weight or below, and the hook matches the yarn)
  • 5mm crochet hook (or a hook to match the size of the yarn). Pictured is the Boye Crochet Hook made of aluminum. This can be picked up at nearly any local craft store, the hook does not have to be Boye, it can be Susan Bates or any brand of your choosing.
  • And of course, something to cut the yarn with (scissors will do!)


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This pattern does not work in multiples. You will work in a round, or around the pattern, growing outwards as you crochet, making it very easy to alter the size! This pattern easily becomes larger the more you crochet, and because it is cotton, would make a beautiful decorative coaster, dishcloth (a loop to “hook” it to dry is pictured above, on the bottom of the example piece), facecloth/night cloth, or washcloth.



Round 1

  1. Ch 4. Sl st beg of ch.
  2. Ch 3. Dc 11 for total of 12. Sl st to beg.

Round 2

  1. Ch 3. 4 [Sk 2. Shell in 3rd dc. Sk 2, sc in stitch]
  2. Sl st to beg.

Round 3

  1. **V st. Ch 5.
  2. Sl st to beg.

Round 4

  1. Ch 3. 4 more dc (in v st) for total of 5.
  2. Sc top of shell (3rd dc) from prev rnd.
  3. Shell in next v st. Sc in top of next shell. Rep.
  4. Sl st to beg.

Rep rnd 3-4 til desired size.


And that’s it folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this pattern. If you’d like to see more, please like this pattern and comment with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Follow the shop’s social media for updates with deals in the shop, and more! 

Thank you for stopping by.





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