Done! How to Finish Those Unfinished Crochet Projects


Currently, this is one (of many) projects I’ve been working on. It features blue and purple chevron stripes, and is being crocheted with a 5mm hook, using Red Heart Yarns.

2017-06-23 15.16.13

I’ve been working on this one, you see, because they feature my school colors. But again it’s one (of many projects) that have gone unfinished.

Many of my projects are unfinished. And that’s quite alright.

However, I do wish that yarn was a bit cheaper; as my passion grows daily and I aspire to create new things daily. The designs featured on the site are original designs, except this chevron design tutorial can be found on The Crochet Crowd’s channel, featuring Mikey as he takes you along this pattern! It’s quite simple, very easy to pick up, and creates this beautiful wave-like ripple that’s hard to ignore.

But, creating afghans like this can take two-three days, and depending on the pattern; weeks. The thinner the yarn, the smaller the stitch, the slower the progress.

This makes it very hard to stay motivated, because it feels as if you’re going no where! Thus, leading to many, many unfinished projects.

But, here are some tips I’ve found that help me not only stay motivated, but crochet frequently and quickly, and finish projects I’ve made! 

  1. Organize.

    This may seem arbitrary, but organizing your crochet projects: like afghans (blankets), leg wear (skirts, leg warmers, socks), body wear (sweaters, tank tops, head wear (hats, headbands, etc), extremities (socks and gloves), and home decor (pillows, table runners, coasters, etc) will be extremely helpful in making your yarn more easilly recognizable and accessible. No more untangling yarn from three different projects!
    You don’t have to get a fold out yarn closet, or even drill holes into your wall to do it!
    Find out how you can better organize your yarn using things you may already have here.

  2. Keep an “ongoing project” box.

    And set a limit. This gives you easy access to your ongoing projects, while maintaining a compact, limited space for you to switch between projects! Make sure you can adjust the compartment size to allow for larger (afghan) projects to sit alongside smaller (socks and mittens) projects. See different ideas for “ongoing” or “currrent” boxes here. 

  3. Put something on!

    I’ve found movies to be…fairly helpful. But shows, especially ones with multiple seasons that can be streamed (and don’t need 100% attention) are fairly helpful, as they give you something to watch, especially if the pattern is fairly repetitive! Music works just as well, some soothing tunes or even new music to keep you awake will help keep your hands and mind occupied!

  4. Pobody’s Nerfect.

    Don’t fret the imperfections! This may be hard for some of us perfectionists; it must be uniform and the same, but the truth is; with handmade products, it’s almost impossible to achieve speed and perfection. Often times, it’s a battle between both. And as a yarn consumer, you have to know and understand that. Not all of your projects will be perfect, and not all of your projects take a day to complete! Patience is key, especially with the smaller thread items. See #13.

  5. Stop buying yarn.

    You probably don’t need that skein that’s on sale, okay? If you’re going to buy clearance yarn, buy it in bulk or don’t buy it at all. This eliminates the chances of you starting a project just because you have new, fancy yarn that you want to try!

  6. Buy more yarn.

    I know people tell you that you have too much yarn. Too much may be accurate, but it’s better to have more than not enough! And that phrase isn’t to be taken lightly. The key is making sure that, before you begin a project, that you have enough to finish it! This way, you’re not constantly procrastinating spending on yarn to finish a project you feel like you HAVE to finish, instead of a project you WANT to finish.

  7. Join a Club

    Sometimes, just crocheting in the presence of others is enough to keep you going! Crocheting alone can be hard to do, especially if you feel stressed or lonely. This also helps with learning new tactics, patterns, and efficiency from others who may know different techniques. Seeing the progress of others motives you in turn, and can be a great way to just make new friends!

  8. If not a club, then friends!

    Even if you don’t want to invite friends over, you can always try having a friend or two over to crochet can help! Then, you can share personal progress, have some lunch, and take a break when you want in the comfort of your living space.

  9. If not friends, then youtube.

    I’m a big believer that crocheting with others is enough to make one feel motivated to crochet, indefinitely. Learn some new patterns, and get inspiration for new things to make! You can also find new yarns and lots of different ways of crocheting, all in one space! Accounts like Alterknit, The Crochet Crowd, Bella Coco, Happy Berry Crochet, and Yarnspirations, have tons of how-to videos that are readily accessible and very easy to have on in the background.

  10. Plan your projects.

    I know this seems hard to believe, but we all know that we’ve picked up a skein or two due to a sale and have started a project that’s now collecting dust. Figure out how much yarn you need for a project, and ONLY buy that yarn. This limits you to making only that pattern and finishing that project before starting a new one! See how you can plan your projects here. 

  11. Set Goals.

    This goes along with #10, but setting goals will help you stay motivated to finish those projects! Click here to see different ways of organizing your stash, so long you don’t get TOO many ongoing projects going, with TOO many goals! Setting goals can be hard, but if you sell your items made-to-order, this also makes the demand more pressing, and the money an incentive! Advertise to friends, family, co-workers and your mailman (if you choose), and you’ll be knitting away!

  12. Purpose.

    Similar to #11, if you find yourself frustrated that you have too many unfinished projects: give yourself purpose.
    1. Would someone appreciate this half finished sweater? How about these quarter-done socks? Maybe this one-paneled pillow cover (so far)? 
    2. Any birthdays coming up? How about holidays? What about the seasons, any reason to stock up on mittens or scarves? 
    3. Do any of the names and events line up? Well, there you have it then! Knit your niece a nice pair of socks for college and your cousin another scarf for when they head back to Alaska for the winter. This not only gives you a goal, but motivation to finish! And that’s the key!

  13. Patience, Friend.

    Sometimes, you just have to be patient. No matter how badly you want to move on to another project, or how boring the stitches are; somehow you envisioned how beautiful this project would look. And that’s what you’ll get, so long as you’re patient. It takes time, sure. But in the end, sometimes being patient and having a nice, relaxing yarn session is exactly what we need in our day.

  14. Be creative!

    Sometimes, following a pattern can be deterring. Use patterns as inspiration to make your very own creation that you can use with pride! Whether that be choosing different colors, adding in different stitches, and so on, this is an easy way to really own your crochet projects! Because it’s not just a carbon copy of a pattern, but it’s YOUR crochet pattern and project! I’ve often done this with items in the shop: adding personal flare and such. It’s given a richer and much more personal touch to my work, and people seem to respond to it. People don’t invest in the product, they invest in you.

  15. Believe in you.

    And that’s the final point: at the end of the day, it’s about you and your abilities. Believe in yourself. These projects have a personal touch that you have added and with that comes true value, especiallly to the people you know and love. Whether it be wearable items, home decor, or even car decor, you’ve created something! And that’s the best part about these projects. All of the imperfections make it unique and valuable, and you can put a name on it.


And that’s it, everyone! Those are my 15 tips to you on how to finish all of those straggling projects! It can be hard but it is worth the lifestyle change, if you haven’t already. Please be sure to check out the organization post here to see how you can be organized and efficient in all of your yarn endeavors.


Thank you for visiting Skein Wreck: A Blog! The support is appreciated. Please feel free to leave comments and replies with any questions or tips you may have. Don’t forget to check out the shop here.


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