PATTERN: DIY Glasses Bag

2017-06-23 18.23.53

This pattern is for the shells crochet glasses case. With a cute shells design on the sides and a drawstring to close the case, this bag is perfect to help keep your glasses safe! It’s easy to customize with the colors of your choice. See details below.

Machine wash, air dry for best results.

You can purchase one in the shop, or see the pattern below.


  • Cotton Yarn, or any string really. Here, I’ve used Lily Sugar N’ Cream cotton yarn in the color soft Ecru (or, more commonly known as ‘off-white’). This can be picked up at your local Michaels or Jo-Anns for about 2$. You only n2017-06-23 18.08.51.jpgeed one skein/ball.
  • Crochet Hook to match the yarn. If you use the yarn listed, you’ll need a 5mm crochet hook. Pictuered is the Boye Crochet Hook, made of aluminum.
  • And of course, something to cut the yarn with. Any scissors will do, so long as they’re sharp!
  • Optional: (not pictured) Darning/Yarn Needle, and two beads (to fit the size of yarn, pony beads– for reference– would work)

Multiples: This pattern is worked in multiples of 5+2. If you want to alter the pattern, add or subtract five chains. (Each pattern has a repeat, and however many chains the repeat will take is the “multiple” count. For example, single crocheting across a chain is a multiple of one, as well as double crocheting and treble crocheting across a chain. Each Repeat only uses one stitch, and therefore only has a repeat of one). 

Click here for Terms & Abbreviations




  1. Side Panels

    Row 1: Ch 22. Sc in 1st chain from hook. Skip 2. 5 dc in 3rd chain. Skip 2, Sc in 3rd chain. Repeat across row for 4 total shells. Sc in last stitch.
    *color changing most opportune here. Solid colors work best for this pattern.*
    Row 2: Ch 3, turn your work. Work 2 more dc in same stitch for total of 3 (or, one half-shell). Sc in top of shell from previous row (3rd dc in shell). Place full shell in sc from previous rows (in-between shells). Repeat for 2 full shells. Place 3 dc in last stitch (end of the 4th shell).

  2. Repeat rows 1-2 to desired length. Then cut and bind off. Once complete, complete a second panel of the same proportions.
  3. Align both sides of the bag. Sc along the sides to bind them together. Optional: Using your darning needle, sew them together.
  4. Top Ruffle

    Row 1: Once sewn together, single crochet anywhere along the top of the open side. Sc along all of the top of the bag. Sl st tog.

  5. Row 2: In first stitch: 1 dc, 1 tc, 1 dc in same stitch. 2 dc in second stitch. 2 tc in Third stitch. Repeat. Sl st tog. Cut. Tie off and sew in ends. Turn inside out.
  6. Chain 40 (or desired length) for draw string. Cut. Weave into bag below top ruffle. Optional: tie beads into the ends of the drawstring to prevent unwraveling.
  7. Place glasses inside and enjoy your new glasses case!

And that’s it, folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this pattern. This bag usually takes about two hours, depending on experience level. If you’d like to see more patterns like this, or have questions or comments, please leave a reply below! Contact us at the contact link on the main page, or e-mail us at

Thank you again for visiting SkeinWreck’s blog.

Happy Crafting.




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